With you-know-who at the Destination Star Trek London event 2012 at which I spoke
and have consequently written an entertaining and factual book about the Creation of the Enterprise which gives you access to a private website with exclusive pictures and also includes access to over two hours of video interviews I conducted with the designer of the Starship Enterprise AND the builder of that most beautiful movie model I was privileged to paint,
giving her a pearlescent ballgown that would knock the spots off anything in the galaxy

A must-have for any Star Trek fan!
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Optical illusions, books, screenplays, album covers, movie titles, illustrations, posters...


Where I was standing during the final song of the final gig (Sunshine of Your Love)
when I grabbed the hug photo above...what a concert!
(now if only that bloody guitarist would get out of the way...)



Here is a series of custom Strats I was going to airbrush based on my Trower covers, but the deal fell through, sadly.