BG 018



14" x 20" 1966


I love most of Wes Wilson's stuff...especially when he really buttoned down his style the following year. But this work of art is outstanding on its own, and especially so considering it was done so early on.

Of all the posters in my collection....even the classic knockout Wilson's, Griffin's, and Moscoso's....this is my favorite.

This poster is conceptually brilliant, and Wilson nailed the flame lettering beautifully....far ahead of his apparent skill level at that time. It's a perfect piece. This is pure art---pure inspiration with the ability to make it happen and render it with force and total confidence.

I remember when I first saw this poster in the window of The Psychedelic Shop on Haight, I stopped in my tracks. It grabbed me instantly and was the first concert poster to ever do that. I was stunned by the concept and by the execution, and admired it immediately.


One staple hole, bottom left corner missing, otherwise perfect.