I gave 5 talks in 3 days at this fabulous event. I was so moved by my experience and the people I met, that I spent the next month writing a book titled
"Star Trek: Creating the Enterprise" and obtaining fabulous input and pictures from Richard Taylor who
designed the model, and Jim Dow who built it, plus much valuable contribution
from Mark Stetson who worked at the Magicam model shop with me where
the Enterprise was built.

This is THE definitive story of the Enterprise by the people who created her. NOW with TWO HOURS of EXCLUSIVE video!

The accompanying website is filled with photos and interesting information to enhance your reading experience. The first time this has ever been done.

Also included is a complete guide to painting your model, using an airbrush,
and troubleshooting your airbrush...everything you need to know along with photos
to enable you to do a knock-out job on your model, PLUS
links to sources for the right paints and lovely examples of what some people have done

You can order the complete, full-length ebook for $9.99 here

If you have any interest at all in anything you could everpossibly want to know
about the Starship Enterprise, it's all in this full length, entertaining book,
which then gives you access to the accompanying website PLUS new video interviews with the designer and the builder of the Enterprise


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